India is the land of festivals. There is hardly a day, let alone a week, without a festival going on, be it religious, cultural or connected with the season. Many are wonderfully colourful and attract photographers from all over the world. India’s festivals reflect the ancient roots of its culture and the huge diversity of its folk traditions.

aranmula9876Religious Festivals

India is a pious country and religion plays an important part in the lives of most Indians. Ritual and worship are part of daily life and the vast majority of the population consider themselves members of a religion. This spiritual fervour has given rise to many festivals that punctuate the year, week by week and month by month, often celebrated with great fervour…


marwar festival jodhpurCultural Festivals

India’s culture, thousands of years old and one of the world’s earliest, has had time to develop a unique degree of cultural diversity. The best proof of this is to be found in India’s folk arts and its classical music and dance…


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