Konark and its Sun Temple – another of those wonders that only India can produce! This architectural exploit is an allegory of the passing of time. It is a World Heritage site – and a feast for the eyes.

Puri, a major Hindu pilgrimage town, is the abode of residence of Jagannath, “lord of the universe”, one of the aspects of the god Vishnu or his avatar, Lord Krishna. The town is entirely dedicated to him. Puri is also one of the Char Dham, India’s four main pilgrimage centres. Devotion here reaches its peak …

Bhubaneshwar, “lord of the three worlds”, is the capital of Odisha (formerly Orissa). It fully deserves its nickname of “city of temples”. Built over 2000 years ago and at one time contained thousands of temples. It still boasts several hundred and together with Puri and Konark forms a Swama Tribhuja or “golden triangle”.