The Ellora caves will take your breath away. The technical brilliance and aesthetic beauty of this Unesco World Heritage site undeniably put the caves among the world’s finest rock-cut temples and make them a reference point for all Indian art. Visitors heading for the Ellora and Ajanta caves generally stay in Aurangabad. Ellora is, Read More

These long-hidden caves in the cliffs above a meander in the Waghora river now unveil their secrets to visitors. Inside, the life story and legends of the Buddha are told in magnificent frescoes and rock carvings, masterpieces of religious art whose impact once reached far beyond India’s borders. The Ajanta caves, now a World, Read More

The majestic Elephanta caves on Elephanta Island, 10km from Mumbai, are reached by ferry from a jetty at the Gateway of India. A trip to the caves is a must-do for visitors to Mumbai. In ancient times the island was called Gharapuri. The name of Elephanta was given by 17th-century Portuguese explorers who discovered, Read More