India – a different world! That’s a commonplace, but it is true that the more you immerse yourself in Indian culture the more ungraspable the country seems. A perceptive Indian friend once said to me that one can understand Western culture within a few months but that it takes several reincarnations to plumb the soul of India.

As someone who has been steeped in Indian culture since childhood and is an indefatigable explorer of the world’s beauty, I have made this website to bear witness, in a deliberately positive spirit, to India’s incredible heritage. I intend it as a showcase for the country’s cultural and spiritual wealth.


Mathini with a lovely lady of Mana village, Uttarakhand, North India

If this website sparks a desire to pack your bags and set off for an Indian adventure, it will have achieved its purpose.

While the site is by no means exhaustive, future globe-trotters can dip into it for some ideas for their trip. On it you will find modest tourist factsheets about the places I have visited, a few pages about Indian culture and articles that I will regularly add to the blog as I make new discoveries.

Have a good trip around the website and pleasant wanderings in the sacred land of Bharat!

Travel Blogger / Founder of Mathini Travel Pvt Ltd


 After 5 years traveling to the four corners of India, I have just created my own travel agency ‘MATHINI TRAVEL’ based in Udaipur, Rajasthan and specialising in tailor-made holidays and experiences in this incredible country. Looking forward to hearing from you to create the trip of your dream!

NB: The photos on this site are not copyright-free  😉

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