If ever there was a peaceful place on earth it’s here, nestling in the foothills of the Pir Panjal range. Naranag is a small village with just a handful of inhabitants on the left bank of the Wangath river. The picturesque surroundings of meadows, lakes and breathtaking mountain ranges create the perfect setting for a trek and invite you to forget for a while the hectic pace of daily life.

The road to Naranag is wonderment all the way. Bright green rice fields here, hills over there with mysterious mist-hidden peaks. But nothing compares to Naranag itself, which will plunge you into a profoundly peaceful state the moment you arrive.

Staying with a local family, with only the gentle murmur of the river for soundscape, you’ll be ready and eager to confront the 5-7 day trek around the region’s various lakes, including the famous Lake Gangabal. You might even pursue your adventure as far as Mount Harmukh, which peaks at an altitude of 5000m.

In the place where the trek routes depart stand the ruins of a temple, a remarkable archaeological site and one of the village’s main attractions. The site consists of a cluster of ruined Hindu temples dedicated to Shiva, facing each other at a distance of about 200m. Little is known about them but historians agree that they were built in the 8th century in the reign of Lalithdatiya Muktadiya.


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