The village of Pillaiyarpatti boasts a famous temple dedicated to the elephant-headed god Ganesha, worshipped as the embodiment of wisdom.

Vinayaka Pillaiyar

Vinayaka Pillaiyar

Karpaka Vinayakar or Desi Vinayaka Pillaiyar is a 1600-year-old cave temple. It is dedicated to Vinayaka (“incomparable leader”), one of the forms of the god Ganesha.

Vinayaka is also called Karpaga Vinayakar because he fulfils the wishes of his devotees like the wish-fulfilling karpagam tree.


Tamil Om

The bas-relief idol carved in the rock is about 1.80m tall and shows Ganesha with two arms and his trunk curved to his right (valampuri).

His elephant’s head forms the shape of the sacred syllable OM in the Tamil script, and he is sitting in the half-lotus yoga posture or Ardha Padmasana.

The temple also has three Shiva-lingams, (Thiruveesar, Marudheesar and Senchadeswarar) and three goddesses (Sivagami Amman, Vadamalar Mangaiamman and Soundara Nayaga Amman) in one room.


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