Indian cookery

Indian cookery with its delicate flavours and subtle spice combinations is among the world’s most flavoursome. Each region of the subcontinent has its own culinary traditions, making Indian cookery amazingly rich and varied. As half the population is vegetarian, Indian cuisine uses a wide range of pulses, cooked in delicious ways, to provide a balanced protein intake. From breakfast to street snacks to dinner, Indian cookery is constantly waking up our taste buds and astonishing our palates.

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indian spicesIndian Spices

Indian food without herbs and spices is unimaginable. They are at the heart of every dish.

Most of the numerous spices used in India are grown on the subcontinent. Some are “hot”, others add a delicate flavour to the dish. Each spice can be used on its own, but they are usually mixed in subtle combinations to give unique fragrances that differ from one region to another…


masala dosa indian breakfastIndian Breakfasts

Forget the toast and marmalade, breakfast in India is usually savoury. It’s a full meal and often versatile, some dishes being suitable for any time of day…



paratha indian breadIndian Breads

Most Indian breads are flatbreads, made without leavening and cooked on a flat or concave pan called a tava or fried in oil. Bread is a staple of the Indian diet, especially in the North where a meal without chapatis is almost unthinkable…


thali foodMain Courses

In India the main dish is usually a vegetable, a meat, or pulse curry with rice and/or some form of bread. Rice is the typical accompaniment in South India while in the North wheat-based breads such as roti, chapati and naan are more common…


pav bhajiSnacks

Indians love snacking and there are snack stalls on every street corner. Here are a few examples of the infinite variety you can find…



pickles achaarCondiments and side dishes

Sambar, achaar, chutney… Some of the indian condiments and sides dishes that enhance the flavour of indian cookery…



gulab-jamunIndian Desserts

Indian desserts, like the country itself, are colourful and infinitely varied. broadly, there are two kinds of desserts in India, those based on milk, like rasgularasmalai and burfi, and those based on flour, like gulab jamunhalwa and ladoo. Either way, there’s no stinting on sugar and oil…


mango-lassi india cookeryIndian Beverages

Chai, lassi, kapi, cane juice…Some popular non-alcoholic beverages of india…




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