Many people do not know it, but India is one of the world's oldest civilisations. It has been the birthplace of many fundamentals recognised by today's society, in science and in the arts. After traveling tirelessly around India and immersing myself in its flavours and traditions, I wanted to bear witness to its incredibly rich cultural and spiritual heritage. If this website sparks a desire to pack your bags and set off for an Indian adventure, it will have achieved its purpose. Have a good trip around the website and pleasant wanderings in the sacred land of Bharat!

Chamba is a charming city situated at the end of the valley bearing the same name, located in the Northwest of Himachal Pradesh. The city lies on the banks of the River Ravi, which is nestled between two peaks of the Himalayan Shivalik Range. This millinery town is not a popular destination amongst tourists who prefer Dharamshala or Manali further south, and yet, Chamba surprises with its magnificent temples, which reflect the opulence of the Rajput kings from the medieval period. The beauty of the surrounding landscape is also another plus which can lead us to discover this city. Chamba is a wonderfully interesting stop for those travellers looking for a change of scenery, and is a city for both lovers of historical monuments and experienced trekkers alike.

Among the multitude of Hindu temples that dot India those of the 64 yoginis (Chausath Yogini), which you can count on the fingers of one hand, occupy a very special place. These sanctuaries, dedicated to the tantric worship and to the “Shakti”, the universal creative force, still remain an enigma. Surprisingly, very few thesis have been developed on this subject, perhaps because Tantra is a secret knowledge that is only transmitted to a limited number of initiates, or perhaps it is because history tends to erase the cultural and spiritual heritage of women. The fact remains that the yoginis, powerful women, between myth and reality, shape our imagination and also bring us to a further reflection of what is the feminine principle.

The indigenous people of India (adivasi) are guardians of many ancient traditions expressed during festivals that can transport us to other worlds. Simultaneously, these traditional activities can evoke something somehow familiar, perhaps common roots echoing within us. Gavari is one of these festivals. This mystical folk-opera of the Bhil people of Rajasthan is expressed through several acts composed of incantations, sacred songs, social satire and ecstatic dances.

Sirohi is a small city located in the south of Rajasthan two hours from Udaipur, the romantic city of lakes. It was once the capital of the princely state of the same name ruled by the Rajput Deora Chauhan. Within it stands a highly venerated temple, Sarneshwar Mahadev, protected upstream by a hill and surrounded by two long walls – an indication that this sacred place was once the scene of several battles. These battles pitted forces led by Maharao Vijay Chauhan alongside the Rabari community against the ruthless Sultan of Delhi, Alaud-Din Khilji.

“Outside the norm”, this is perhaps one of the best definitions of the word “Rabari.” Those who, originally, were nomadic camel herders from the arid areas of Rajasthan consistently exercise a powerful fascination on common people and regularly attract photographers’s eyes from all over the world. If their origin remains a mystery, their traditions, even gradually eroded by modern society, are still very much alive.

If you want to extend your trip to the region of Jaipur (Rajasthan) and if you are looking for places to visit within 100km around the pink city, here are some ideas for getaways that will not disappoint you: historic sites, a sumptuous palace, a city of nawabs and a haunted fort…

Kartighai or Kartikai Deepam is a Hindu festival of lights that is mainly celebrated in Tamil Nadu, South India. It falls at the full moon (purnami) between mid-November and mid-December –the month of Kartikai in the Tamil calendar, when the moon is in conjunction with the constellation Kritika, the Pleiades.