Mahuva is a small town by the Gulf of Khambhat, 95km from Bhavnagar. It is appreciated for its mild climate and lush vegetation in an otherwise semi-arid region. It’s off the beaten track and the perfect place for those is quest of intriguing little temples, unspoilt countryside and traditional rural life.


To Visit


[section name=” Beach and Shiva-Lingam of Pingleshwar ****”]Pingleshwar Shiva-lingamPingleshwar is a small seaside village near Mahuva, reached from there by way of winding lanes.

It is known for the very old Shiva lingam built on a platform in the sea and only visible in the morning at low tide, when it can be reached along a slippery paved path.

The beach – with golden sand and volcanic rocks – is a delight. A saddhu (ascetic) called Gokul Giri lives there under a huge banyan tree. It’s a magnificent place.


[section name=”Gangajaliya Dada – Bhadrod**”]Gangajaliya Dada - BhadrodGangajaliya Dada is a lovely small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located near Mahuva Bhadrod.[/section]

[section name=”Bhavani Mata Temple & beach**”]Temple de Bhavani MahuvaBy the sea between Katpar and Nikol stands an old temple to Bhavani Mata. This is said to be the place Krishna fled to with Rukmani.


[section name=”Bhutnath Mahadev – Vadli**”]Buthnath Mahadev templeBhoothnath Mahadev is another temple dedicated to Shiva in the village of Vadli where you are kindly invited for a chai tea by priest of the temple.[/section]


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